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Lovely Things Monday : Bunnies and Turnip


On the mood board this week, are some cute bunnies and carrots/radishes. Signs of Spring or Fall where ever you are. One thing for sure, Easter chocolates are everywhere and I simply can't help myself resisting chocolates!

Here are some eye candy you should go and visit this week.

1. Elizabeth Olwen 

:: This illustration was the one that caught me to her lovely website. And from there, I got to know that she is also into designing fabrics too! Preview her line of fabrics here.

Yummy root fruit/veges - i love her soft color choices too.

2. How about bunny pouches to sew! Perfect for goodies or just for fun because they are soooo adorable.

:: Lovely tutorial here for these adorable pouch
Image source

Or make this sleeping one
Image Source
3. Crochet Bunnies are cute too.

:: Pattern for the bunny soft toy here.

Image source

:: Wrapping a succulent pot with a bunny is an amazing idea! You should visit lisenncabane for more refreshing crochet!

DSC00934Image source

:: Crochet radishes look yummy too in crochet!

radis en crochet
Photo by Gedane
Well, enough bunnies and root veggies for today! I am off to finish some quilting then I am planning to start wrapping my succulent pots too!


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