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Making baby gifts : Crochet Beanies


These days, I love spending time with yarns. I made these beanies the other day and was in love with them! They were gifts for the newborns recently.

Lime Green crochet beanie

This is a quick project and suitable for beginners. If you are planning to crochet and looking for a beginner project, this is a good one. Here is the link to the free pattern.

In the mean time, enjoy the photos! I love the texture of crochet goods!

Lime Green crochet beanie _ doublke layer flower crochet 

Close up _ crochet beanie with flower

Pink crochet beaniePackage _ littlemushroomcap_ mushroom
Love the stickers I received from my DQS14 partner last time. Perfect for sealing the packaging I'd say.

Well, Hope you are heading to a great weekend!

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