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Improv Hexagon Quilted Placemats


I have recently finished 6 quilted placemats which I adore very much. I will be sending it off to my Modern She Made Swap Partner soon so I plan to make two more in Black and white for me and hub.

Here they are, all bright and cheery.. hope my partner will love it.

Quilted placemats_ free motion quilting_hexagon 

I had a lot of fun quilting this! Placemats are perfect to go crazy and practice free-motion quilting. I purposely leave a lot of negative space to have fun with.

Quilted placemats

The hexies in the quilting were first traced with an erasable marker and I use Fine Line Ruler to guide me quilting it. 

I post a lot of in the making of these hexies placemats over at my instagram, do visit me there and say hello.

I will be sharing a tutorial soon on how to improv piece these half hexies on the blog. So, see you then!

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