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Modern Medallion quilt Along Week 1: New York Beauty


Who says beauty has to be perfect? Besides, perfect is so over rated..

This week we are kicking off the Modern Medallion Quilt-along with the gorgeous block of New York Beauty which can be as imperfect and as wonky, yet stills holds its glory. (pattern by Two little Aussie Birds can be bought at etsy here or here)

I picked rainbow sets of colours from my fabric scraps and lots of low volume, but I ended up using kona white, as I have crazy quilting in mind.


So, how did I go with the first block? Truthfully, I did find making this wonky NY beauty harder and as a first block, what a challenge! But it was an easy fix as no rules apply here. My first quarter didn't turn out as good as the rest, those blue hues quarter. The first and the last triangles couldn't even have decent points. But, making this quilt is not just about getting those perfect points, it's about embracing freedom and learning, so I just go with it.

nw beauty

Then, I find out that I made one of the curve a little too large than the others, so I simply slash and add and simply bring it to work. Well, my wonky geese is a bit not in the centre, but I don't mind so much.

nybeauty_modern medallion quilt along

Now, I am already up to my fourth border, I don't even see those points as obvious. In fact, I love how fun they are.

nybeauty_modern medallion quilt along2

 Have you started yours? We have a great support group over at facebook and instagram (#modernmedallion) is also a great place to share your progress and pick tips along the way. Don't forget to come and visit our blog hop stop this week over at Schnitzel and Boo. You can come and link up your New York Beauty! And In linkz now also support Instagram, no reason not to link up even those photos from Instagram.

Well, see you there!


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