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Patchwork Crochet Edged Potholder


Been quiet around here lately. Off on holiday the last couple of weeks and now I am back in Canberra.

Been sewing a tiny bit here and there whenever I have some times in between chores, studies and other responsibilities. I love it how sewing can just bring me somewhere where I feel so myself.

Anyway, I joined over the #verycherryswap over on Instagram and got myself busy with some cherry fabrics. However, I haven't started any sewing for my swap partner just yet but I already have few ideas. She wanted something for the sewing room, and I think I have just the thing for that.


 In the meantime, I am making patchwork potholders for a special someone whose birthday is coming very soon. Can't resist the combination of theses fabrics altogether. I love scrappy stamp look.

I crochet the edges for a bit of vintage inspired look. Love them so much that I wanna keep them! So, I guess that is a good sign that it will be a great gift don't you think?

patchwork potholder

 Well, till next time! I have few quilts that needed quilting but I ran out of threads..... still waiting for the mail for them.. hopefully I will have bigger finishes soon to share.

Thank you for reading!


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