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Tutorial : Simple Tote from fabric selvedges (selvage edges)



Today I would love to share you a tutorial on how to make a simple tote. A tote with an exterior made of selvedges. Throwing out bits of fabrics has always been hard for me. Even the littlest or the tiniest let alone the selvedges, long strips of fun text with a bit of the fabric itself. Some have really cute colour codes which make it even harder to throw out. So I decided to keep them, hoping some day I will get to use them in a string quilt like this,this or this.

bundle of selvedge

But in the meantime, I just like to see them used in a simple quick project. So I made a tote out of some of them.

I have them in different sizes, mainly because they are left overs and sometime I need to use the fabric as much as near the edge but I still keep the selvedge because of the texts.

selvedge pressed

Here is the tutorial for the selvedge tote, so you can go make one too!

You can make any size you want, but here I will give out the size I use for mine.


For the tote:


more sewing

trim to size
lining and pocket

sew the strap

put lining in

sew to edge

It's done. Enjoy!

selvedge tote
frinish tote frinish tote 2 daily tote

Hope you enjoy the tutorial!


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