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Etsy Updates : Wallets and Pouches


Listing items in Etsy can be exhaustive.

Make item, Take photos of item. Edit photos. Upload. Make listing , details descriptions and waiting.

But hey, I made a promise that I will try and upload at least three items per week. This seems more achievable than trying to stock up as much as possible. I will let the shop grow slowly as making items I sell is fun and I can't have too many of them so selling them would be the best choice. I would love to find new homes for the items I made.

If you are interested in buying any of these items, head on to my etsy shop here!

If you buy from me, please know that you are supporting my creative life and I really appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. In fact, even your visit here to my blog is a pleasure for me and is a great support from you! Thank you.. Thank you thank you!!!

Wallet  3 - view 1

Wallet  3 - view 2

Wallet  1 - view 3

Wallet  1 - view 1

Wallet  1 - patchwork liberty - view 4

Wallet  1 - patchwork liberty - view 2

Pouch 4 view 2

Pouch 3 - view 1

Pouch 2 and 3

Pouch 2 - view 2

Pouch 1 - view 2

Pouch 1

This quilt is also for sale!!! 
Quilt view 1

Well, thank you and wish me luck!!!


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