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Funky Lunch Bag


Just to share my latest addition to our handmade life. "The lunch bag". I love lunch bags. So practical and funny how much fun it can bring to lunch hours at school.

I made these two lunch bags last two weekends but I have just got the time to blog, so some may have already seen it popped in my Instagram a week back.

Lunch bag - geeky and spring

Anyway, one is for my DH and one for me. I took the inspiration spring to make mine as it is gorgeously spring here down under when I made these.

They are still prototype. I still don't like a few things about them. Well for one, I think the closure could be better. Maybe not a fixed button instead a tie or something. I need to figure what could be best. Any ideas? Am planning to do a tutorial for these bags but have to figure out how to make the closure better. I don't feel like this button closure is practical enough.

no more brown bag- lunch bag

lunch bag

The lunch bag resemble the brown paper bag. I purposely make it like that. I love that it can open wide, fits a wide lunch box or bento box. However, I think a handle wouldn't hurt.. it should make the bag easy to carry. Well, we'll see.

spring lunch bag

lunch anyone

I will try and put together a tutorial soon, so if you have and idea of how to make a closure for this bag, do drop your comment, I'd love to hear it!

Till then,
Have a lovely week!

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