Friday, June 28, 2013

Let's Get Acquainted Blog Hop

....... this is a pre written blogpost.... I may not be able to respond to your comments these few days, but will do when I feel better and when condition are fine again, my father in law is still in critical condition and my heart and prayers is with them.


Welcome to littlemushroomcap!

If you are here from Beth's Let's get Acquainted BlogHop, do hoot around in the comment section! I'd like to get to know you too!

Plum and June

I have learned so much through this bloghop and has done a bit of spring cleaning around my blog. I do wish I have more time to get more things cleaned and updated, but blogging is time consuming isn't? Agree???


you can get to know the background of me and littlemushroomcap HERE.

I pretty much got it covered there, so I don't want to post the same thing again because some of you may have read it already.

Sewing Companion
My Hurs, I piece mostly using this machine. And I do a lot of edge to edge FMQ here too.

So today, how about I'll share with you some of my future projects to do!

Bundle of joy 3 - into quilts!
Summersville Jelly roll all cut ready to piece into plus quilt
bundle of joy 1 - into mini quilt
Sewing Machine Mini Quilt to hang in my sewing room!

Bundle of joy 2 - into pillows!
Anna Maria Horner Voile Bundle to cut for some pillows!

Well, I hope I get to those bundles of joy soon! And get some post up on the projects soon here!

I do wish you will stick around, Scroll down to visit my previous projects and  if you would like me to visit you, I'd love it if you include your web address in the comment too. It is so much easier than going through each one of the comments and profile.

I would also love to have you on board to become a follower on Bloglovin'

Till my next post, I wish you have fun doing whatever you love!
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Thank you for stopping by!


  1. What a fabulous looking sewing machine. I love tha thuge deck on it....So much room for projects. I am allready a blog follower of yours...

  2. Praying for your father in law and you and your family. It has been sew nice to get to know you through the blog hop! Loved getting a sneak peek at your works in progress!


  3. It was nice to read more about you and get to know you better! I pray that your father in law improves soon. (I'm already a follower!)

    :) Kelly @ My Quilt Infatuation

  4. Amira, I love your bog and your work. I am praying for you and your entire family. Hurry back!

  5. love all your works in progress and so glad you are sharing in this blog hop. What fabric is the sewing machine fabric -- I have seen it a few times in posts but no one says who the fabric is by or where they got it.

  6. Hi Amira, nice to meet you and see your work. I will pray for your father in law and family. x

  7. Hi Amira,
    i am so glad you were able to post today! I will definitely be having a look around your blog. I am already a follower. Keeping your FIL and family in my prayers xo jan@

  8. So sorry to hear about your father in law:( Praying he recovers soon. It looks like you have some exciting projects coming up soon. Can't wait to see!

  9. So many lovely projects in the works. I'm following already. Sending good thoughts to your family.

  10. Those projects look like they'll be fabulous! Sorry to hear your family is going through some rough times- you're definitely in my thoughts! Nice to meet you :)

  11. Your blog name is so cute. Love the fabrics! Best to you and your family.

  12. Love your sewing machine set up! How fabulous! Looks like some great projects coming up!

    So sorry to hear about father-in-law - wishing you and yours all the best.

  13. Ooooooh, seriously loving your voile!

  14. I love those fabric buckets! Too cute. You have some great projects starting up--can't wait to see the finishes :) Wishing your family well--so sorry.

  15. Love your fabric stash. It's so lovely to meet you. I hope you father in law makes a swift recovery.

  16. It was lovely to get to know you better Amira! Your FIL will be in my thoughts.

  17. Lots of lovely projects coming up Amira. All the best for your family - I know it must be a difficult time right now, especially being far away.

  18. Sorry to hear about your FIL. Hopefully he gets better. BTW your blog is lovely.

  19. Your blog is looking good and all your projects are so colorful and full of life!

  20. Hi, I'm a new follower! Thanks for sharing your sewing space with us and I look forward to seeing your mini quilt with the sewing machine fabric. I have some of that and was going to make it into wall art but then made a sewing machine cover instead! :o)

  21. Hi amira, thinking of you and your family at this difficult time. Love your blog.

  22. HI Amira I think you must be the Amira in my simply solids bee? Yes? Sorry to hear you have sick family members, it's a difficult time. All the best. Good to find your blog!

  23. It was very nice to meet you. I just made a project out of the same Summersville fabric. Isn't that fabric just great!!! I love it.

  24. I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law but have loved checking out some of your past and present projects. Lovely work and lovely to meet you through the hop! :)

  25. I started following you earlier in the hop, you have a wonderful blog! My prayers are with your family.

  26. my prayers go out to your family and f-i-l. good work on the lovely blog. i understand about wanting to do more, but the time! happy sewing when you get back to it and those lovely bundles you have waiting.

  27. I am excited to see how your Summersville quilt comes together. I love that fabric line. It is so fun and fresh.

  28. Dearest Amira, my thoughts and prayers are with your father-in-law and your family. I loved everything about your post and about your blog! I visited your About page and enjoyed it so much - you share so warmly and easily, I feel like we are already friends. I like physics as well, but I am terrible at math. One day, I will over come that! I have added you to my following as I enjoyed this so very much. Thank you for sharing. Warm thoughts for all of you for the coming days!

  29. LOvely to meet a fellow Aussie blogger! Hope everything is well for you and your family.

  30. Oh, I hope, everything is getting fine there at yours.
    I stopped here from the blog hop... so nice to meet you!

  31. Sending you some LGA love from a fellow hopper! My sparkle thoughts with you and your family at this time!

  32. Hi! I love the name of your blog! (and your taste in fabric!) Nice to meet you!

  33. Nice to meet you. Your blog is so interesting. Love the story of getting a 2nd machine. I also sew on Husqvarnas (2) and love them! Your projects are delightful. Prayers for your family.

  34. New follower here, found you via the Blog Hop. I am jealous of the gorgeous places you've lived! Loving all your fabrics and the projects I've seen so far. Nice to meet you :)

  35. Lovely projects! So nice to meet you. I hope everything is well with your FIL. Prayers sent for you and your family.

  36. Hi Amira, lovely to 'meet' you. Your projects are beautiful, you must be so busy with your studies, family and crafting! I'm so sorry to read about your father in law, it must be a very difficult time for you. Wishing you and your family well, Amy

  37. Best, best wishes for your father in law. I pray he recovers quickly. Your Summersville looks pretty, I do so enjoy that fabric - it is so fun! Great to meet you!

  38. Hi Amira! I really enjoyed reading your "About" page and hearing about your sewing & life. Very best wishes to you and your family.

  39. Wow, some serious fabric eye candy there, beautiful! :o)

  40. Love the sewing machine fabric! Great blog hop post and all the best to you and yours.

    Jenny @ Note to Follow Sew

  41. Ooh, you have some absolutely lovely fabrics to play with! Enjoy those projects. We are in flux right now, so my sewing space is a table in my mother-in-law's living room. I cannot wait to have my own space again!

  42. Love your fabric pics. I really enjoyed reading through your "About me" page. You're very talented and your little boy is so cute. I am sorry to hear about your father-in-law's accident and will pray for healing for him and peace for your family. I hope that one day you can come visit the US. We'd love to have you!

  43. Sending good wishes for your father-in-law's recovery. You are amazingly prolific to have such a little one AND to be studying for a PhD! I can barely handle a 2-year-old and sewing. Love that pile of voiles you have pulled.

  44. Sending you well wishes! Your colorful photos brought a smile to my face - really lovely aesthetic ;)

  45. I hope everything works out well for your father in law. I enjoyed reading your about me page. I love making lists and sometimes I just let the housework go to squeeze in some sewing time:)

  46. You have some great projects under way. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I hope recovery is quick. Sending prayers your way. Thanks for sharing a little of you with us Amira!

  47. I also have a plus quilt cut and ready to sew. I hope to get around to sewing it all together one day soon. Love those voiles you have and am looking forward to seeing them made into pillows!

  48. It looks like you have some fun projects planned! Where did you get the sewing machine fabric? It's amazing! I'm glad to have discovered your blog through the blog hop, and I'm so sorry to hear about your father-in-law; you and your family are in my thoughts.

  49. The sewing machine fabric is so cute! What line is that? I enjoy following your blog and seeing all the fun stuff you work on :)

  50. Cutting jelly rolls for projects is so satisfying, isn't it? Your machine looks so fancy, by the way! I've got such a simple little thing hahaha, the fact that yours has lights makes it overwhelming. Good luck with your finishes!

  51. Sorry I am so late to comment on your blog on the hop! Life sometimes gets crazy - and I wanted to make sure to really check out each hopper's blog!

    Love the sewing machine fabric, cannot wait to see what you do with it for your sewing room! Also those Anna Maria Horner fabrics are going to make some incredible pillow cases!

    PS. Your bead work is also incredible!

  52. Nice to meet you, sorry I'm a little behind! I think your blog layout is one of the nicest I've seen... so clean and easy to read :) And that fabric eye candy is so pretty! I hope your FIL gets better soon!


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